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We relax 20% of our Registration Cost for Soldiers, Senior Citizens and for Students across all our clinics

Why Choose Dr. Monga Clinic

Dr. Monga Clinic is known for their effective treatment through ethical Ayurveda, modern medicine, counselling, exercises and Food Logs. 70 years of practicing ethical Ayurveda and modern medicines for most effective relief. Happy to have treated more than 6.5 Lakh Patients with overwhelming success rate. We stay with you throughout your treatment with regular follow ups.

Our Treatments

Our Services

  • DIABETES Effective Diabetes Management & Successful Pre-Diabetes Reversal Programme..
  • STOMACH Solution for Gastrointestinal problems like, Acidity, Constipation, Piles, Indigestion...
  • PHYSIQUE Solution for excessive Weight gain / weight loss...
  • HAIR & SKIN Treatment for Hair fall, Premature Graying, Skin Allergies, Pimples/Acne, Dark-spots, etc.
  • PANCHKARMA Panchkarma Therapies as per Ayurveda...
  • GYNECOLOGICAL Solution for gynecological problems like, Irregular periods, PCOD, UTI, etc.
  • SEXUAL WELLNESS Solution for problems like Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Loss of Libido...
  • COUNSELLING HIV Counselling, Diet Counselling, Lifestyle Management, Relationship Counselling...

Our Happy Patients

Our Customers Are Our Ambassadors. Their Feedback Keeps Us Motivated And Also Gives Us Directions To Better Ourselves In Providing The Best Ayurvedic And Integrated Solutions To Health Problems.
  • After being a diabetic for about 30 years I came to dr monga clinic with a very high HbA1c of 11.6. At that time I was taking many oral drugs along with 150 unit of two different types of insulin.
    Dr Monga Clinic, I was closely monitored with real time continuous blood glucose monitoring along with Ayurveda medicines and customized diet + exercise. In 5 months my HbA1c reading dropped to 7 & my daily insulin intake reduced to only 40 iv.
    I feel so blessed and active once again.
    Thanks to Dr Yuvraj Arora Monga and his team
    Mr. Pushkarna
  • I think I am very very lucky that I saw advertisement of Dr monga ayurvedic medi clinic I was having problem of ED and I was repeatedly making excuses for postponing my marriage. I was feeling very nervous and embarrassed. I purchased some "Quick fix" Pills online. But these pills provided limited relief.
    At DMAMC I was given a lot of time I got training for exercises to strengthen my core muscles my diet was specially modified and I was put on medication of effective sastrok ayurvedic medicine. Positive result started by the second month and I was fully fit by the end of 4 months. Today I confidentially want to get married at the earliest due to excellent treatment from DMAMC.
    Mr. Alok Pandey
  • Being the parent of a teenaged daughter with a short stature (height) is very worrying. I approached many qualified medical practioners but not an inch of height increased even after spending nearly all my savings on costly therapies for more than 2 years. On my friend’s recommendation I took my daughter to DMAMC there Dr Jyoti Arora initiated ayurvedic treatment along with specific exercise and nutrition modification. We were very happy to see a magical increase of 2.5 inches after 6 months of treatment. My daughter is now 5.3 inches. A big thank you to Dr Jyoti for a very effective treatment at very affordable cost. Mr. Prashant

Meet Your Friendly Doctors

We Are Proud To Have Some Of The Best Ayurvedic Physicians On Our Panel Who Have Qualifications, Experience And Expertise In Giving Solutions For Ailments As Common As Cough And Also As Dreaded As HIV
  • DR YUVRAJ MONGA M.BB.S., M.D. Chief Consultant Physician & C.E.O.
  • DR JYOTI ARORA B.A.M.S., M.D. Chief Ayurveda Physician & M.D.
  • DR MANISHA RANI B.A.M.S. Ayurveda Physician
  • DR SUNIL TOMAR B.A.M.S. Ayurveda Physician
  • DR AMIT KUMAR B.A.M.S. Ayurveda Physician
  • DR NIDHI BHARASKAR B.A.M.S. Ayurveda Physician
  • DR Hitendra B.A.M.S. Ayurveda Physician

Our Patient Base In Delhi / National Capital Region

We Have Been Treating Patients Across India For Over 70 Years Now. Our Clinics In Delhi/NCR Are Very Popular Among The People From The Following Locations For The Range Of Health Problems As Listed Below. We Have Both Male And Female Qualified Doctors In All Our Clinics.