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Get long term relief from Sexual Issues

Many a times sexual problems, for obvious reasons, are not discussed in open. Social stigma, embarrassment, guilt, fear, etc., hold back a person to seek a viable his her sexual problems Solutions. But in bargain, people suffering from sexual issues tend to aggravate their problem and may reach such a stage where it goes out of hand. It is unfortunate that in pursuit to find and consult a best sexologist people often end up visiting Quacks.

Male issues - Rapid urbanisation and a fast paced life has its own set of side effects for men. Usually the price paid is through issues pertaining to sexual health. Changing life styles and a polluted ecosystem have had a deleterious impact on male sex capacity, both qualitatively and also quantitatively. In general, due to aggressive competition at the work place the aggression in bed has reduced. Elevated stress levels have led to enhanced plasma cortisol levels which negatively impacts sleep and sex simultaneously. Bad quality of sleep and bad quality of sex go hand in hand. With less time to rest there is less time for sex too. Work anxiety, late night parties, alcohol, nicotine, drugs, fast ( junk ) food, sitting for long hours at the work stations ( sedentary lifestyle ), limited physical activity, all converge to reduce testosterone ( male hormone ) levels thus reducing sex drive and fertility both. This scenario is further complicated with the presence of medical disorders & diseases like diabetes, hypothyroidism, obesity and chronic blood pressure. All this is a huge, complex, challenge which is not adequately addressed by many medical practioners.

At Dr. Monga Medi Clinic, rated amongst the Best Sex Clinics in Delhi / NCR, such male issues are treated with a totally holistic, 360 degree approach, covering all the diverse causative factors and leaving nothing to chance. Before initiating treatment the patient issues are fully understood in depth. Relevant notes are made and the clinical history is documented for future reference. Investigations are done from trusted, modern Labs and followed by ethical prescriptions of a combination of modern medicines and Shastrokt Ayurvedic preparations. Separately and simultaneously, a Senior Fitness Trainer starts teaching specific exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Meanwhile, dedicated Dieticians commence diet counselling for appropriate diet modifications and a Senior Sex Counsellor imparts valuable tips for prolonging and enhancing mutual sexual happiness. On line support is exclusively provided for National and International patients who are unable to personally meet with our team of Sex Experts.

However, the good news is that your search for best sexologist in Delhi NCR ends here at Dr Monga Clinic New Delhi. We have the best doctors who can help you provide with the effective yet affordable sexual treatment for your sexual problems solutions.

A good sexologist is someone who has thoroughly studied the subject of sex including physiology, sexual development, the dynamics of sexual relationships, anatomy, sexual orientation, etc. We have doctors specializing in this discipline to understand human sexuality such as history, sociology, psychology, biology, gender studies, and more, in order to see how one perceives sex in different contexts and what makes them feel that they are sexually unwell. Dr Monga Clinic New Delhi have best Sexologists who follow a unique method of treating people who are suffering from sexual disorders. Counselling is a major part of the therapy that our Sexologists adopt while treating their patients. Sexual treatment is not only about prescribing medicines, rather it has more to do with making them trust their own capabilities to get back on track and lead a normal healthy life.

We have over 70 years of expertise in treating people suffering from biological issues, including male sexual issues like Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, Sexual Weakness, Nocturnal Discharge (Swapnadosh / Nightfall), Dhaat syndrome, etc., and female sexual problems like, Loss of Libido, PCOD, Leucorrhea, Menstrual Disorders, etc. We have patients from all over India who were searching for best sexologist doctors in India. Effectiveness of our sexual treatment has helped thousands of people suffering from sexual disorders.

Dr. Monga Medi Clinic, for more than the last 70 years, has maintained very high ethical standards and follows a very strict privacy policy with regards to patient data.

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Q: Who is a Sexologist?

Ans:Sexologist is a Health Care Professional who treats both male and female sexual problems. Sexologists can either be Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, Unani or Allopathic by qualification.

Q: What does a Sexologist (also called sex therapist ) do ?

AnsA sexologist first listens to and understands the sexual problem of the patient. Then, if need be, the patient is also physically examined. The sexologist further decides which laboratory tests have to be done and recommends them to the patient. After analyzing the lab reports, suitable medication is initiated in combination with a specific diet plan that is considered beneficial for the concerned problem. If surgical intervention is necessary, the sexologist may also refer the patient to a surgeon or urologist.

Q:Can sexual problems be cured?

Ans:Yes, there is treatment with satisfactory results for most sexual problems.

Q:What treatment is best for sexual problems?

AnsThere are various, different sexual problems. Each sexual problem has its own specific treatment. There is no single common therapy which can overcome all type of sexual problems.

Q:What is sexual dysfunction?

AnsAny primary sex organ, when it does not function properly as per its natural properties, then this is called sexual dysfunction.

Q:What causes sexual dysfunction?

AnsThere are many causes for sexual dysfunction. It can be due to an infection of the sexual organs. It can also be due to hormonal imbalance in the patient. It may also purely be a physical problem. Many times it can also be due to either physiological or psychological reasons.

Q: How can I treat sexual weakness ?

AnsSexual weakness is overcome by a combination of medicines, diet and exercises for around three months. This corrects the hormonal imbalance and corrects the volume of blood flow to the performing sex organs. The extra support from stronger core sex muscles helps additionally to improve the “performance” to optimal levels.

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