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Kshar Sutra Treatment for Piles, Hemmorhoids, Anul Fistula & Pilonidal sinus.

Kshar sutra treatment is a para surgical ayurvedic procedure involving Anorectal disorders management. Expertss preffer Kshar Sutra treatment for piles & conditions like fistula in ano, Pilonidal Sinus, hemorrhoids, and Anal Fissure.

Fistula-in-ano is a medical condition where a cavity or an abnormal hollow tunnel is connected to the perianal skin and anal canal lining. Piles/Hemmorhoids are very irritating and painful and usually occurs in individuals with anal abscesses in the past. It is formed when the cyst or abscesses of the previous condition hasnt healed completely.

Kshar Sutra for Pilonidal Sinus

The PNS or Pilonoidal Sinus occurs mostly in males and young adults who are into long hours of sitting due to their job. A longer period develops a tunnel, or small hole develops on the anal areas skin, filling up with pus or fluid and taking the form of a cyst or an abscess. The medical condition occurs in the natal cleft part. The fluid consists of a cyst containing dirt, debris, hair, or any other foreign body, which may be a causative factor for severe pain and infection.

Kshar Sutra for Anal Fissure

In Anal fissure, the patient suffers from a minor crack in the anal linings skin which causes intense pain and bleeding after and during bowel movements. The condition occurs because of constipation, childbirth, or painful bowel movements. Fissure piles may occur in an individual of any gender and age.

Advantages of Kshar Sutra

Kshar Sutra is a highly effective therapy that helps cure the existing symptoms of the above-mentioned medical condition. The best part is that it is affordable and completely safe. The technique uses a medical-grade thread for curing the condition.

Process of Kshar Sutra Treatment at piles clinic

Kshar Sutra ayurvedic treatment starts with adding a coat of Snuhi latex to the linen thread gauge. The surgical gauge is coated with Apamarga Kshara and Snuhi latex four to seven times and Haridra churna and Snuhi latex four times.

To treat Fistula-in-ano patients with Kshara Sutra remedy, the person is anesthetized. Then a malleable probe including the coated Kshara Sutra is passed through the fistulas external opening carefully. The technique is aimed at taking out the probe using with the help of Kshara Sutra. The two ends of the Khara Sutra are replaced with a new one every week. It helps in cutting the track, which heals the symptoms consequently. The process also helps eliminate the damaged tissue, facilitating pus drainage and treating a microbial infection in the tract, which heals the symptoms.

For Pilonidal sinus treatment in delhi with kshar sutra, the professionals use the same therapy and method as in Fistula-in-ano treatment. The coated Kshara Sutra is made to pass through the external opening of the sinus. The ends are then tied together and replaced after a week. Similar to Fistula-in-ano treatment Kshara Sutra for Pilonidal Sinus is practiced by giving anesthesia to the patient. The mass of the pile is pulled out through the anal orifice with the help of forceps, and then incision inception is given into the mucocutaneous joint. It pulls out the mass of the pile and transfixes it. Look for the best Kshar sutra treatment centers to get the best treatment for your condition as it requires extensive experience and expertise to treat the condition.

When to go for Kshar Sutra ?

The treatment is recommended for individuals suffering from anorectal diseases such as Anal Fissures, Fistula-in-ano, and hemorrhoids. These medical conditions usually occur in individuals who sit at a place for long hours (mainly the job people). Additionally, young adults, children, and infants could also develop this issue due to constipation. Pregnant ladies, individuals with leprosy symptoms, rectal cancer, and hepatitis arent eligible for the treatment.

Kshar Sutra Therapy Side-Effects

Kshar Sutra treatment doesnt have any side effects except mild procedural pain after the treatment. Its a safe ayurvedic therapy that uses the best hygienic methods for removing the mass of pile, or the sinus issue or symptoms of anal fissure. Patients opting for this treatment can get rid of the extra mass out through their anal opening, relieving them from pain and other related issues. There are chances of some surgical issues which may occur in the treatments involving non-ayurvedic practices. Generally, they involve stricture and stenosis, which could have some side effects.

Kshar Sutra Therapy - Post-Treatment Care

Patients should go on a liquid diet six hours before the treatment. Semi-solid foods are to be consumed 4-5 hours after the surgery. Post-surgery patients should ensure warm for at least four times a day. Follow the ritual up to 21-25 days post-surgery. Additionally, consume Haritaki Churna and Triphala Guggulu with warm water before going to bed. Make sure to practice this ritual up to 10-15 days post-surgery.

Besides, patients should ensure regular walks and perform mild exercises to keep themselves active. Kshar Sutra is an on-going treatment; hence consumption of fiber-rich food is also important for avoiding constipation. Proper diet is important to ease bowel movement and eliminates the chances of recurrence of the issue. Consult Kshar sutra specialist doctor immediately in case of any emergency.

Precautionary Measure for Effective Kshar Sutra Treatment

Kshar Sutra is a highly effective treatment, but to get the desired results, the patients need to adopt alternative home remedies such as fibrous food consumption and increased water intake to ensure smooth bowel movement. The idea is to save your rectal and anal muscles from straining. In case the condition worsens, the doctor may prescribe tough medications, including botulinum toxin, nitroglycerine, and Calcium channel blocking drugs. But these medications may have some side effects. Moreover, these are temporary methods of healing the problem, and there are possibilities of recurrence of the issue.

Its best to book an appointment with top-rated Kshar Sutra Doctor in Delhi as soon as you discover the symptoms. If you are looking for a Kshar sutra specialist for Piles in Delhi, go for none other than Dr. Monga for best-in-the-class treatment.

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