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Is low sex drive souring your relationships?

Don't worry, it can be cured with Counseling and Medication.

Loss of libido, or low sex drive, refers to a decreased interest in sexual activity. It can be caused by various factors such as stress, hormonal imbalances, relationship issues, or certain medical conditions.The counselling and treatment of Loss of Libido helps restore the libido levels in the body and improve a person's sexual life. It also can help people who have a Low Sexual Desire due to emotional, psychological, physical, or medical cause.

A good sex life helps in several ways. When it comes to relationships, it helps to build a better bond and boost intimacy. For a person's emotional health, a good sex life relieves stress, relaxes, and enhances overall well-being.

Low Desire Treatment in Delhi

On the physical front, sex helps keep the body weight under control, releases endorphins, oxytocin, and various other ?feel-good? hormones. Overall, sex is also responsible for reducing stress and other such medical conditions that can be caused due to stress. Through this all-inclusive guide, we will provide you with all the information you need about the loss of libido and how the doctor can restore it. If you're struggling with low sex drive or performance issues, don't hesitate to consult our doctor for guidance and support.

Symptoms of Loss of Libido

Doctors for Loss of Libido in Delhi will lookout for symptoms like

  • Chronic conditions include diabetes, osteoarthritis, heart diseases, high blood pressure, cancer, and even obstructive sleep apnea.
  • Other medical issues can include erectile dysfunction, low sex drive (libido), Menopause, Pregnancy, Low testosterone.
  • Other symptoms can include fatigue and poor energy level, decreased muscle mass, body and facial hair loss, difficulty concentrating, depression, irritability, low sense of well-being.

Identifying Masturbation Addiction

Masturbating is not bad, but like everything else, too much of it can be a cause of concern. Doctors for Loss of Libido in Delhi also take into consideration if a person is a masturbation addict or not. People addicted to porn or sex can often develop a masturbation addiction amongst the various other sexual addictions.

During the evaluation, the doctor will ask various kinds of questions to understand if the patient is an addict or not. Based on the observations, the sex therapist will also understand the root cause of the addiction and how to work around it.

Causes ? Loss of Libido

On average, at least four out of ten men start developing low testosterone after 45. Various factors can cause a Low Sexual Desire. Sometimes it may be psychological, occasionally physical, or sometimes it can also be both.

Two Leading Causes of Low Sex Desire

  • Physical and Psychological Issue

    Physical issues can be anything from drug use, alcohol, too much or too little exercise, prescription medicines. Emotional or psychological issues can range from a person suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, challenging living conditions, sexual abuse, or any other traumatic sexual experience, and so on.

  • Medical Issue

    Medical issues can range from a side effect of a particular drug or treatment to an underlying medical condition, a secondary problem due to a primary condition, and so on. This includes diseases like obesity, diabetes, underactive thyroid, etc.


When sex is no longer fun, it can be a cause of concern. As you age, it is natural for you to lose interest in sex and sexual activities. However, sometimes at a young age, one may lose the desire to have sex or participate in any sexual or intimate activity.

Now, if this is a one-off situation, it can be that you may be tired or just not in the mood. However, if this happens very often, then you need to give it a thought and speak to a specialist as soon as possible to seek Low Sex Drive Treatment Delhi NCR.

Low Desire Treatment in Delhi

Loss of Libido Treatment in Delhi NCR

The Loss of Libido Treatment is decided based on various factors. To determine the right course of action, the doctor will first conduct a few tests like the blood, a scan if need be; the doctor may also take samples for further investigation. Based on the results, the doctor will then sit down with the patient to discuss the treatment options available. The treatment may be a stand-alone or a combination, depending on the need of the patient. The Low Sex Drive Treatment options include

  • Making lifestyle changes ? the patient would need to make various kinds of lifestyle choices, including a change in diet. The doctor may also advise certain types of exercise, specific sleeping routines, reducing stress levels, and even cut or minimize alcohol, smokes or any other such drug.
  • Prescription tablets ? The doctor will also put you on a particular treatment with pills or supplements. During this time, you would need to go for regular tests to ensure that the treatment is working or not. If need be, the doctor may change the course of treatment to get the desired results.
  • Testosterone replacement therapy ? Testosterone replacement therapy comes in various forms. The doctor may prescribe a skin patch, gels, mouth patch, implants, or even injections. You may also be given a combination of forms for faster results or boost the levels.
  • Counseling ? The patient would also need to undergo counseling for a certain amount of time. During each session, the therapist will work closely with you to understand the trigger factors or root cause of why you may be having problems with your sex life. During your sessions, the counselor may also want to speak to you for a better understanding.


Q: What to do if my libido levels are low?

Ans: In the case of low libido levels, the first thing you would need to do is to check for any underlying health conditions. If the test reports show some physical issue, then the doctor will recommend the appropriate treatment. However, in case of a psychological cause, you will be redirected to a relationship counselor or therapist during the Low Sex Drive Treatment in Delhi NCR.

Q: Can we restore the libido levels even after it has gone dangerously low?

Ans Before we can assure you that we can restore the libido levels, we will first understand the root cause of the problem. Based on our understanding, we will suggest various kinds of lifestyle changes like your diet, reducing your stress levels, quitting or reducing alcohol, smokes or any other such addiction. Our specialist may also recommend some medicines or change your present prescription or treatment depending on the updated test results.

Q: What are the hormones that help to increase libido?

Ans: Testosterone, Progesterone, and Estrogen are the hormones that affect sexual arousal and designer. The high levels of estrogen help to promote and increase sexual designer and vaginal lubrication. On the other hand, high progesterone levels can reduce sexual desires and Low Sexual Desire.

Q: What kind of foods can I eat to get a better and faster erection?

Ans The doctor will recommend a diet that includes legumes, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits that will improve blood flow in the body, including the penis. A good blood flow to the penis is the key to consistent and healthy erections. A proper diet is one of the critical factors while undergoing a Loss of Libido Treatment.

Q: How do I increase my estrogen levels naturally?

Ans Based on your present reports, Doctors for Loss Of Libido will recommend a diet that is high in phytoestrogens like miso, tofu, soybeans, and so on. The Phytoestrogens in the body help to mimic estrogen and binds the estrogen receptors as well.

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