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What is Ringworm Infection?

Ringworm is a fungal infection in the skin and is also known as tinea or dermatophytosis. The cause of this infection is not a worm, so people should not be confused with the terminology. However, the condition looks like a worm-shaped ring which is why it is called ringworm.

This infection spreads from one affected body to another. Ringworm may spread to the individualís groin, hands, scalp, feet, beard, nails, or hands. The appearance of this infection is discoloured skin with scaly patches.

There are around forty fungus species that cause this infection. These fungi belong to the Epidermophyton, Trichophyton, or Microsporum types. These microorganisms thrive on the damp areas of the skin.

An individual can get this infection from another individual, animal, object, or soil. For example, sharing personal objects like combs, towels, etc., with an affected person may lead to this infection. It is the most common reason why children obtain ringworm. Any animal or object that has the fungus can be the cause of spreading this infection. Similarly, if anyone makes contact with the soil carrying this microorganism, they are likely to get infected.

People living in a humid or warm climate are more prone to getting this infection. Moreover, if you observe yourself sweating excessively or having weak immunity, you should be watchful about your skin conditions. In case of doubt, you should not neglect it and must immediately contact a trustful Ayurvedic skin specialist.

What are the Symptoms of Ringworm Infection?

The symptoms of the subject infection depend on the affected region. Therefore, if someone experiences the below signs on the skin, one should consult a specialist.

  • Scaly, cracked, or itchy patches that are grey, red, black, or brown
  • Constant itchiness on a particular area
  • Overlapping rings
  • Any region in the skin that has developed a round and flat patch
  • Patches on the skin that are raised
  • Skin patches with bumps or blisters

In addition to the above skin-related symptoms, a person affected by ringworm may also face abnormal hair loss.

What are the Treatment Methods of Ringworm Infection?

The treatment methods for ringworm depend on the extent of infection in the body. After diagnosis and check-ups, the specialist shall suggest medications and lifestyle changes to heal the person.

Medication for ringworm can be in the form of local antifungal applicants such as gels, sprays, creams, and ointments. In extreme cases, the doctor may also prescribe oral medication for faster treatment. It usually occurs when the affected regions are nails or scalp.

Ayurveda also uses lepas of herbs and natural substances to treat the affected region. For instance, Chakramarda is mixed with radish juice to apply topically on the infected area. Similarly, a combination of vidanga, mustard, kushtha roots, and rock salt is made into a paste with sour curd to form an effective lepa to heal ringworm.

In addition to the medications, the person should also make some changes in oneís lifestyle. These steps are meant to stop the further spreading of the fungus and prevent the infection in the future. These include:

  • Putting on loose clothes in the affected regions
  • Washing clothing and bedding daily and properly
  • Paying attention and treating all the affected areas
  • Drying the skin thoroughly after taking a bath
  • Maintaining overall good personal hygiene
  • Not suppressing natural urges of urine or bowel movement
  • Avoiding daytime sleeping
  • Avoiding excessive consumption of salty or acidic food
  • Not drinking cold or chilled water just after returning from outside sunlight or retiring from physical work

Doctors for Ringworm Infection Treatment in NCR

If you are looking for Ringworm Treatment in Delhi, you should not worry at all. Many experienced doctors treat ringworm in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida. Out of the widespread medical centers for skin infection treatment in Delhi NCR, the leading clinic is Dr. Monga Clinic. The team comprises qualified and knowledgeable skin specialists led by Dr. Monga, whose expertise lies in Ayurvedic treatment. The specialists render the Best Ringworm infection treatment in Noida.

The doctors at Dr. Monga Clinic first understand the patientís background and genetic history and conduct thorough observation of the affected regions. Then, the Ringworm specialist doctor in Gurgaon suggests the medications through Ayurveda along with lifestyle changes for effective treatment. Thus, if you are searching for the best Ringworm infection doctor Near me, Dr. Monga Clinic is the most appropriate choice.


Q: Which doctor is best for ringworm infection?

Ans:Dr. Monga and his team are the best doctors for Ayurvedic Treatment For Ringworm in Delhi. The entire team of specialists, led by Dr. Monga, has ample experience and knowledge in treating skin-related disorders, including ringworm. All the doctors are qualified and use effective Ayurvedic principles in healing this infection.

Q: How to get rid of ringworm permanently by Ayurveda?

AnsAyurveda uses natural substances to treat ringworm completely. Herbs like Shankhapushpi and Haridra are known to heal the ringworm infection totally. Moreover, medicines like Karanjadi Talia and Kaishore Guggulu help manage the infected area and eliminate ringworm. The Ayurvedic lepas also help in the permanent cure of this infection.

Q:Can Ayurveda cure ringworm fungal infection?

Ans:Yes. Ayurveda can cure ringworm fungal infection, provided the individual follows the prescribed medication and lifestyle changes. If the person abides by all instructions that the Ayurvedic skin specialist provides, the ringworm fungal infection will not return unless one makes new contact with any fungus-harbouring object, individual, animal, or soil.

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