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Constipation ruins your days and precious moments of life!

The word "Constipation" needs no medical description. Most people suffer from it at some point or other in their life. Constipation in fact, is not a nice "word" to live with.

The mention of the word "Constipation" instantly sketches a picture of someone occupying the toilet for more than an acceptable duration. Actually, again the place "toilet" is not a desirable place to spend your time when you should be doing better things in that time.

So if you are suffering from chronic constipation or frequent bouts of the same, you need to get your bowel movements fine tuned for the goodness of your body and your daily life. Do Justice to yourself. Get rid of it.


  • Q:How long will it take me to get rid of this problem?
  • Ans:If the problem has come up recently (for some days/weeks) then we have patients who have got relief within 15 days time. However, if the problem is old (months/years), then it might take upto 4-6 months for complete cure.
  • Q: Does your treatment have side effects?
  • Ans:None reported till date.
  • Q:Do you have Female Doctors?
  • Ans:Yes, for female patients we have qualified female Doctor.
  • Q:How much does your treatment cost?
  • Ans:Our treatment packages are very nominal and economical. However, the charges depend upon the severity of the problem. You can call on +91-8010931122 for an estimate.
  • Q: Do you deliver medicines over phone?
  • Ans:Yes, we do.
  • Q: How do I book an Appointment?
  • Ans:You can either call on +91-7042424269 or fill up the Form on top of this page.

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