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Hemorrhoids Piles Treatment

Hemorrhoids piles refer to a condition where an individual experiences a swollen and inflamed tissue collection in their anal region. The intensity of the disease may vary according to the piles' size. The medical condition could be external or internal. It's best to look for Hemorrhoids treatment in Delhi as soon as you discover the problem.

Hemorrhoids piles ? Symptoms

Piles symptoms aren't severe in most of the cases. The problem resolves on its own within a few weeks, but you should always consider taking the help of a professional so speedy recovery of the condition.

A piles patient may experience a hard and painful lump towards the anal region. The bump mostly includes traces of coagulated blood. The next symptom is getting a sense of full bowels even after passing the stool. A person may have piles if they see blood in their bowels. Also, they may experience soreness, redness, and itchiness around the skin of their anus. Hemorrhoids Piles containing blood are referred to as external thrombosed hemorrhoids.

Painful bowel movement is the next common symptom of Hemorrhoids piles. The signs in people with severe piles condition include infection, heavy anal bleeding, uncontrollable bowel movements, anal fistula, which is developed between the skin's surfaces near the skin of the affected area. Strangulated piles is another primary symptom of this medical condition where the supply of blood supply is cut off, which causes complications such as blood clot or infection.

Patients with external Hemorrhoids piles form little lumps towards the outside of the anal opening. Blood clots are itchy and painful as it blocks the blood flow to that particular region. External Thrombosed piles have clots that need instant medical attention.

Hemorrhoids piles ? Causes

Pregnancy increases the chances of developing Hemorrhoids piles. The primary causative factor behind the piles is an increase in pressure in the patient's lower rectum. Hemorrhoids treatment centres examine the anal region so that the condition can be diagnosed rightly. The blood vessels surrounding the rectum and anus may stretch due to excessive pressure. It may bulge or swell, which leads to Hemorrhoids piles.

The major causes of Hemorrhoids piles include chronic diarrhea, pregnancy, chronic constipation, straining during bowel movements, and heavy weight lifting. Piles may also develop as a cause of inheritance or due to the age factor.

Hemorrhoids piles Diagnosis

Diagnosis of a patient suffering from piles takes place after a proper examination. Usually, the physician asks various questions while examining the condition of the individuals. The professional find out whether any of the patient's relatives have had a history of piles or not. Next, they confirm whether there's been any mucus or blood in the bowel movement. Weight loss, change in bowel movements, and stool colour are the next things that the doctors consider when examining the patient's condition.

The Hemorrhoids specialist doctor performs the test through the Digital Rectal Exam. Alternatively, they may also use a proctoscope which is a tube with a hollow that has a light attached to it. The device allows the physician to examine the patient's condition closely. Also, they may take a sample from the affected area for detailed lab testing and analysis of the patient's condition. The doctor may also perform a colonoscopy if the individual with Hemorrhoids piles shows symptoms and signs of any other digestive disease.

Hemorrhoids piles Treatments

If the patient is suffering from minor Hemorrhoids piles issue, it usually resolves on its own. There is no need for treatment in such cases. However, consulting a certified physician reduces the itching and discomfort significantly that individuals suffering from piles of experience.

Hemorrhoids piles precautions

Intake of fibre rich diet is essential to treat and prevent this medical condition. Additionally, a physician may also recommend specific changes in the lifestyle for managing piles.

The individual needs to lose bodyweight as it reduces the severity of the condition and speeds up the recovery process. Avoid straining during bowel movements, and ensure regular exercises. It serves as an effective therapy for Hemorrhoids piles.

Diet is the next crucial precautionary measure that helps in the healing process. Adopt a healthy lifestyle to get rid of constipation issues as it may trigger the problem even further. Diet change helps in keeping the stools soft and regular. Ensure intake of vegetables and fruits. Plus, you may also go for bran-based cereals for breakfast. Most importantly, it would be best if you increase the daily intake of water. Also, avoid or reduce the consumption of caffeine.

Surgical options for treating Hemorrhoids piles

Banding ? In this method of treating piles, the physician uses an elastic band applied around the pile's base. The intent is to cut off the blood supply in the affected area. It takes 5-7 days for the hemorrhoid pile to falls off.

Infrared coagulation ? Infrared coagulation surgical option uses a device used for burning the tissues damaged as a consequence of hemorrhoid piles. It is an ideal treatment for small bulges.

Sclerotherapy ? The method uses medications for shrinking the hemorrhoid pile. The pile shrivels up as soon as the drug is injected into the patient's body.

Hemorrhoid stapling ? In this method of treating piles, doctors block the blood flow to the affected area. It's comparatively less painful in comparison to other forms of treating the medical condition. To get this treatment, look for the best "Hemorrhoids Doctor near me".

Hemorrhoidectomy ? In this surgical method for treating Hemorrhoids piles, the extra tissue is removed surgically. The surgery involves the use of sedation or local anesthesia. It is one of the highly effective methods for eliminating Hemorrhoids piles. However, the process comes with its fair share of complicated bowel movements and infection in the urinary tract.

Final Takeaway

Hemorrhoids piles are debilitating and painful piles. The medical condition doesn't pose a severe threat to other parts of the body. But the patient does end up with discomfort and pain. The patient may also end-up developing certain complications if the condition isn't treated well in time. Look for a reliable and certified physician for best in the class treatment.

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