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Breast Problem Treatment


Breast pain is also known as mastalgia and is a common occurrence in women. During puberty, breasts develop because of the increase of estrogen. During the menstrual cycle, the various hormonal changes lead to breast tissue changes, which leads to discomfort or pain. Breast pain may not be constant.

Breast Pain Treatment can reduce the pain, which can be cyclical in nature or non-cyclical. Pain that occurs during your menstrual cycle and subsides after the period is over is called cyclical pain.

A woman may experience non-cyclical pain due to a breast injury. It can also be due to the surrounding tissues and muscles and occur less than cyclical pain. If you have nipple discharge along with breast pain or without, you should consult a Nipple Discharge Doctor.

Mastalgia or breast pain intensity can range from mild tingling to sharp pain. Some women also feel breast tenderness, and/or the breasts feel fuller. Breast pain can occur in men, women, and transgender people.

Symptoms of breast problems

The symptoms of breast pain or mastalgia are mild tinglings, mild to intense pain, breast tenderness, and breast tissue tightness. If you have any of these symptoms, you should see a doctor to get the correct breast pain treatment near me.

Causes of breast problems

Some causes of breast pain are fibrocystic or lumpy breasts, hormone fluctuations, and breastfeeding.

Fibrocystic breasts

With age, the breasts of women undergo a change which is called involution. In this process, the tissue of the breast is replaced with fat. The side effect is that cysts tend to develop, and the breasts have more fibrous tissue. This tissue is known as fibrocystic breast tissue.

You might feel the fibrocystic lumps in the outer and upper parts of the breast. These lumps can also enlarge in size around or during your menstrual cycle. If there is any nipple discharge, consult a nipple discharge doctor immediately.

Hormonal causes

Your menstrual cycle causes the fluctuation of estrogen and progesterone hormones. These hormone fluctuations can result in painful breasts and may cause them to feel lumpy and swollen. With the help of breast pain treatment, you can get relief from the pain.

Some women experience increased sensitivity to hormonal changes in the body with age. Again, some women will not have the pain after their menopause.

Maintaining a diary of your breast pain will help your doctor diagnose your breast pain's root cause, especially if you are undergoing puberty, menopause, or pregnancy. If the pain is due to infection, then a breast infections treatment in delhi will be suitable for you.


A woman can experience breast pain during breastfeeding. Some of the reasons are:


When breasts are overfull, then engorgement occurs, i.e., the breasts are enlarged, and the skin feels painful and tight. Manually expressing the milk and the breast pump will help to reduce discomfort.


This is an infection of the milk ducts, which causes severe pain in the breasts. Your breasts get cracked, and blistering, burning, and itching might also be there. Fever, chills, red streaks on breasts are other symptoms that doctors can cure with breast infections treatment.

Improper latch

When the baby does not latch on to the nipple appropriately, you will feel breast pain. Nipple soreness and cracked nipples are symptoms of this. However, if there is nipple discharge, then you should visit a nipple discharge doctor.

Other causes

Pain in the breast also has other causes such as diet (refined carbs and unhealthy fats), extramammary reasons, breast surgery, breast size, smoking, and medications.

The breast specialist doctor in Delhi will also try to understand the reason and source of the extramammary pain (also known as referred pain).

Antidepressants, antibiotics, hormone therapy, heart disease medication also contribute to your breast pain. But before stopping any medication, it is imperative to consult the doctors for Breast Pain Treatment in Delhi.

Localized breast pain needs consultation too. The Breast Problem doctor in Delhi NCR will provide you the necessary medical advice if you are based in Delhi or surrounding areas.

Types of Breast Pain

There are three types of breast pain.

Cyclic mastalgia

The breast pain which occurs during or around your period time is cyclical breast pain. This is related to the menstrual cycle, and before the breast specialist doctor in Delhi treats you, he or she will ask all about your medical history, the severity of pain, etc.

Non-cyclic mastalgia

This is the kind of breast pain that is not dependent on hormonal change or your menstrual cycle. It is associated with anatomical changes such as surgery, injury, infections, breast cyst, etc.

The pain is often burning and sharp and localized in one breast or one particular area of the breast, also known as the "trigger zone." Non-cyclic pain is common in women between 30 to 50.

Large breasts could also be a source of this kind of pain, especially if you don't wear a supportive bra. Connective tissue called Cooper's ligaments support and shape breast tissue. The doctor for breast pain treatment in Delhi will be able to determine whether your pain is due to large breasts or something else.

Extramammary Mastalgia

The meaning of this term (outside of the breast) explains this type of pain. You feel the breast's pain, but the origin is somewhere else - for example, the heart, lungs, chest wall, or esophagus.

However, whenever there is a pain in your breast, it is best to consult a breast specialist doctor in Delhi, as it could also be an indication of heart disease. The specialist might refer you to a cardiologist if required.

Treatment for cyclical pain

If you have fever and chills with breast pain, then it could be some form of infection. In this case, you should go for breast infection treatment in delhi. For cyclical pain, the treatment might include:

  • Women experiencing extreme pain may be advised to wear a supportive bra for at least 24 hours or more, depending on the doctor's diagnosis.
  • The doctor may also recommend calcium supplements.
  • In some cases, the patient would also need to take oral contraceptives to normalize the hormone levels.
  • The specialist may also prescribe estrogen blockers based on the test results.
  • Pain killers may be prescribed as a part of the treatment.

Treatment for non-cyclical pain

The treatment for this type of pain depends on the reasons why you are experiencing breast pain.


When should I see a doctor for breast pain?

You should consult a doctor if the breast pain keeps you away from your daily routine and lasts more than two weeks. This is important, especially when you need to check a lump that you think is getting thick or if the pain is localized in one particular part of your breast.

What tests are required for breast pain?

The doctor will most likely conduct a physical examination. They may recommend some tests such as mammograms to identify cysts in the breast tissue. You may also be asked to get a needle biopsy done to rule out the possibility of breast cancer.

The doctor for breast pain treatment in Delhi can help you find the reason for breast pain and thus the remedy. Do not ignore prolonged breast pain, sudden sharp pain in the breast - treat all kinds of breast pain is serious, and get the necessary treatment before your problem escalates.

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