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HIV is dreadful, but only if you acquire it

Most of the times the worries that you have about your getting infected with the HIV are unfounded. It is not easy to get infected with this virus. Only in certain conditions lead one to get infected, the most common being unprotected sex with multiple partners and unsafe blood transmission.

If you get exposed to the conditions that my result in acquiring sexual problems, then the first thing that you must do is to seek medical consultation with a good doctor, explain it to him/her about your worries and seek answers for them. 9 out of 10 times you may not even have to go for a test immediately. It is a myth that HIV spreads through kissing, sharing food, or drinking from the same glass with an infected person.

While HIV-1 is the main cause of AIDS all across the world, the HIV-2 is responsible for causing illness which is close to AIDS. There are many reasons due to which HIV can be caused.

  • It can transfer through infected blood, semen, or vaginal fluids.
  • One of the main causes of HIV infection is unprotected sex with an infected person.
  • Sharing of drug needles with the infected person.
  • Through mother to child while pregnancy or birth or even during breastfeeding.

If you are looking for HIV counselling doctors in India, you should call us and book an appointment. We are there to help you in all possible manner.

How do we counsel people who have fear of getting HIV?

We take a scientific approach to diagnose the problems that a person might be going through post exposure. Our HIV counselors tend to take a positive approach focusing upon the most suitable solution that can be advised to the worried person.

Our expert Counselors offer the best counselling to the person.

In a healthy person the count of CD4 is around 600 to 1600 but when a person is HIV positive, their CD4 count falls to 200. This makes the immune system weak and in later stage the person is diagnosed with AIDS. Our HIV specialist in delhi, HIV specialist doctors in delhi, aware the infected person with all the important things he or she should know for a longer life.

Finally, if someone has actually got infected then we advise antiretroviral therapy (ART), with which the infected person can remain healthy for a long time and the treatment helps in fighting back the disease causing bacteria and viruses in the body.

Why Dr Monga Clinic?

At Dr. Monga Clinic, we firmly believe in treating patients with correct information and. We educate them about the problem in hand and the practical solutions to it. HIV is a serious issue. Many patients get misguided by Quacks who take advantage of their ignorance. However, our qualified HIV counsellors and doctors give them correct guidance to overcome their fears and rebuild their confidence if their apprehensions about getting HIV are unfounded. In case the worry of getting HIV happens to be genuine, then we suggest them relevant tests and take them through our treatment and counselling process so that the risk of further damage to health and happiness is reduced.

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