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Is your manhood giving a 'hard time' to you in enjoying sexual escapades? You might be suffering from E.D.

ED or Erectile Dysfunction is a common problem that occur to maximum number of men from their 20's to 60's.

Deficits of modern lifestyles, such as junk food, sedentary lifestyle pattern, lack of exercise and stress cause ED. Other causes of the disease include diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, atherosclerosis, Parkinsons disease, abuse of tobacco, injury/surgery, sleep disorders, depression and relationship problems.

The bona fide Ayurveda treatment, as provided at Dr. Monga specialty clinic, by the ED specialist doctor helps you overcome the symptoms and manifestations of the disease before it is too late. The disease can hamper and spoil married life and can be a cause of divorce, as neither of the partners is able to derive sexual satisfaction.

ED also lowers self-esteem, is demoralizing and causes loss of confidence, among other conditions, and you need an expert to bring back to you your happy life.

Why treat Erectile Dysfunction with Ayurveda?

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) has variable treatment options in modern system of medicine, which can provide temporary relief from it but not without some side effects. However, in Ayurveda there are treatments for this disorder which are long lasting and with no side effects.

Ayurveda suggests, and we trust that every human body is different from one another. So although a sickness may look same in two different individuals, but their reasons, symptoms, and cure for that ailment may differ. According to Ayurveda, human bodies react to a treatment as per their 'prakriti' (natural formation), and hence we at Dr. Monga Clinic prescribe our treatments to an individual after thoroughly understanding his/her 'prakriti' that results into highly effective and long lasting cure.

Erectile Dysfunction ( ED ) is increasing in todays youth. ED is the inability to maintain or attain an erection and therefore not being able to penetrate the female partner for sexual intercourse. We provide the Best Sexologist Doctors for treating these patients effectively. Our team of Sexologists specialise in treating all the major Male Sexual Problems, especially Erectile Dysfunction (ED), which could be due to a variety of reasons like obesity, Low Testosterone, increased stress, endocrine disorders, presence of Diabetes, chronichigh blood pressure, poor blood supply to the penis, chronic alcoholism, faulty food habits, sleep disorders and weak core muscles.ED treatment is very complex and involves a combination of Medicines, Diet, and Exercise and in depth counselling to improve overall performance and self confidence. We are the Best Sexology Clinic in Delhi / NCR and attend to all the above mentioned causes of ED.

Why Dr Monga Clinic?

At Dr. Monga Clinic, we have expertise and experience of over 63 years in reinventing the age old manuscripts and ethical formulations of Ayurveda into for curing Erectile Dysfunction. Our treatment consists of unique combination of these ethical formulations, natural herbs and extracts, etc which is a secret to us. At Dr. Monga Clinic we practice and prescribe 100% ethical Ayurvedic medicines and preparations. We have successfully treated thousands of patients suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. If you need a complete solution for your problem, you can consult with our expert Ayurvedic Doctors, through cellphone, email, or Facebook, who will listen to you, understand your problem and then prescribe the most viable treatment for you.

Do not let Erectile Dysfunction ruin your relationship with your partner. Sooner the better, get it treated when you still can.


  • Q: What is erectile dysfunction ?

  • Ans: The inability of the penis to penetrate the vagina due to the absence its erection is termed as erectile dysfunction. Because the penis can not become erect, it can't do its basic and main function of entering inside the vagina.

  • Q: How Do I Know I have Erectile Dysfunction?

  • Ans: Lack of erection in the penis, lack of erection in the penis in the morning, inability to have sex with the partner, if the size of the penis appears smaller than 5 inches, then understand that you have a problem with erectile dysfunction.

  • Q: What are the causes of erectile dysfunction ?

  • Ans: Loss of erection can be due to many reasons. Basically, the erection happens when there is a powerful flow of blood inside the penis. This blood rushes into the flaccid penis and makes it turgid and stiff, causing it to attain an erect posture against gravity. Any reason which limits or restricts the flow of blood into the penis has to be treated and cured. Restriction of blood flow is very common in diabetics and obese patients. In diabetics, the nervous system is also adversely impacted, resulting in sexual weakness. It is also inadequate if the male hormone, testosterone, is not secreted properly. Excessive, chronic intake of tobacco and alcohol is also associated with low sexual potency in males. Impotency is also caused by a certain class of drugs which a person may be taking for other ailments. Apart from physiological reasons, the inability of the penis to become erect can also be psychological in nature. Lack of sleep, performance anxiety, high mental stress levels, all together as well as independently, are a cause for the loss of penile erection.

  • Q: How can erectile dysfunction be cured permanently ?

  • Ans: Complete clinical treatment of the actual problem along with certain life style changes can ensure a permanent, satisfactory solution for erectile dysfunction. The clinical treatment phase is completed with the help of medicines, a healthy diet and specific exercises as practiced by the sex clinic. The performance of the patient is monitored and attended till satisfactory results are consistently obtained. Life style changes include quitting tobacco, minimizing alcohol intake, regular exercise, proper sleep, relaxed & stress free daily routine, and if possible, Yoga. Surgical intervention may also be required to restore adequate blood flow into the penis if there is an obstruction of the penile blood vessels.

  • Q: Is diet important to cure erectile dysfunction ?

  • Ans: Yes, a well balanced diet plays a very important role in restoring penile erection. Specific food substances ensures enhancement in the levels of testosterone, the male hormone, which plays a very crucial role for the erection of the penis. A customized diet plan also eliminates and restricts the intake of excessive fatty and oily food items. Preserved food stuff should be avoided to the maximum to prevent unhealthy consumption of salt which can cause high BP leading to unwanted stress levels. A diet with has a healthy dose of antioxidants is essential to combat and neutralize the dangerous and harmful side effects of free radicles in our body, especially in diabetics.

  • Q: Why is exercise important for curing erectile dysfunction ?

  • Ans: A healthy and fit body performs better! Exercise determines the fitness levels of an individual. A well toned body ensures proper blood flow throughout the body, including the penis. The core abdominal and pelvic muscles need to be very strong and for which there are specific exercises that additionally support in sustaining strong penile erections for a longer duration of time, thus improving male performance to desirable levels. Exercise is also an important factor in controlling weight. Obese and diabetic patients are poor sex performers and experience erectile dysfunction at least one to two decades earlier than as compared to fit and healthy persons.

  • Q: Do females also experience sexual problems ?

  • Ans: Yes, approximately 40% females experience FSD ( Female Sexual Dysfunction ). Common problems are decreased internal vaginal lubrication causing dryness of the vagina. This causes itching in addition to pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse. A diminished desire to have sex due to difficulty in sexual arousal is also one of the issues often reported by quite a few females. Vagisnismus is another painful condition that needs proper clinical attention. Also, the inability to achieve orgasm is a very important sexual issue.

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