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Abnormal weight loss and weight gain, both are harmful. You can become fit with right weight through Ayurveda.

Cant wear that dress because youre too thin? Or, are you fed up of being addressed as Motey? Get in shape and gain confidence with Ayurveda


Weight loss is as harmful as weight gain. Rather unwanted loss of weight is the house of many other health problems. The key to look good is to have a proper body weight as per your age and height. It is good to be health conscious but not at the cost of doing harm to your natural health. Unwanted loss of weight Can lead to anemia, diabetes, low BP, heart problems and more!


Weight gain leads to number of problems, physical as well as social. While medical conditions can include, diabetes, BP, heart problems, Arthritis, and more, a sudden weight gain can make you incapable of doing physical activities, which you once used to do without any problem. Being fat can also make you a laughing stock in social gathering.

There are number of reasons due to which one tends to loose or gain unintentional body weightloose or gain unintentional body weight, like illness, depression, stomach problems, overactive thyroid glands, eating disorders, etc.

Why manage Weight with Ayurveda?

Although there are hundreds of tonics and medicines available that claim to be wonder drugs to make someone gain or lose weight, become fit and healthy. But those have their own side effects in the long run. Science of Aurveda has effective and long lasting remedies to overcome the problem of weight gain or loss, without any reported side effects.

At Dr. Monga Clinic, we have expertise and experience of over 70 years in reinventing the age old manuscripts and ethical formulations of Ayurveda into for curing weight loss or weight gain. Our treatment for loss of unintentional weight or gaining excess fat in your body, consists of unique combination of these ethical formulations, natural herbs and extracts, etc which is a secret to us. At Dr. Monga Clinic we practice and prescribe 100% ethical Ayurvedic medicines and preparations. We have successfully treated thousands of patients suffering from Obesity occurring because of varied reasons.

Why Dr Monga Clinic?

Ayurveda suggests, and we trust that every human body is different from one another. So although a sickness may look same in two different individuals, but their reasons, symptoms, and cure for that ailment may differ. According to Ayurveda, human bodies react to a treatment as per their prakriti (natural formation), and hence we at Dr. Monga Clinic prescribe our treatments to an individual after thoroughly understanding his/her prakriti that results into highly effective and long lasting cure.

If you need a complete solution for your problem, you can consult our Ayurvedic Doctors, through cellphone, or on Facebook, who will listen to you, understand your problem and then prescribe the most viable treatment for you.

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