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Celebrating a decade of excellence, at Dr. Monga Clinic Rajouri Garden, we are determined to provide you with the best of Ayurvedic treatment in India. As a pioneer in establishing a super-specialty Ayurvedic clinic, we have cured the lives of countless people with our holistic approach. In Delhi & NCR, we are proud to contribute towards India's healthcare self-reliance through Ayurveda.

As we know, Ayurveda,is the divine science of life, which is capable of eliminating the root cause of diseases. Our respected team of Ayurvedic doctors, advanced equipments and state-of-the-art medical procedures enable quick resolution of ailments without any side effects.

At Dr. Monga Clinic Rajouri Garden, we emphasize on detoxification and medicinal treatment through shodhana and shaman therapy respectively. Purely herbal medicines are a major aspect of our Shaman therapy.
Our approach is not one size fits all; It involves prakriti analysis and root cause identification for each patient, followed by tailored therapy and Panchakarma therapy. Join us in embracing the holistic essence of Ayurveda for a healthier, happier life.

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Our Ayurvedic Treatments

Whatever type of moving services you may need, we can most likely provide!
  • Gastro Treatment

    If you are suffering from stomach related problems like hyperacidity, indigestion, constipation. Get the permanent solution for all stomach related problems, meet the best ayurvedic gastroenterologist in rajouri garden. Dr. Monga treatment includes natural herbs, dietary adjustments, and medical procedures to provide gentle yet effective relief.
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  • Piles Treatment

    Best Hemorrhoids Doctors near Rajouri Garden. We effectively provide Ayurvedic treatment for Piles, Fissure, Fistula, Rectal Polyps and Pilonidal Sinus. Our proven therapies guarantee you relief and promise to provide quality care at affordable costs. Which helps you to get rid of this disease instantly and naturally without side effects, so start your recovery journey today. contact us now!

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  • Liver Treatment

    Best Doctors for Liver Disease in Rajouri Garden- We are the epitome of Liver Disease Treatment. From Jaundice, Hernia, and Chronic Liver to Abdominal Pain, Fatty Liver, and IBS. We shine with our expertise. Our ayurvedic treatment for liver diseases is helpful in eradicating the problem from the root with quality care within budget. Let's call us if you are suffering from any type of liver Concerns.

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  • Arthritis Treatment

    Get ayurvedic treatment for neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, hip pain, elbow, wrist, ligament injury, tendon rupture, knee pain, slip disc, sciatica, cervicitis, and spine in Dr. Monga Clinic Rajouri Garden Delhi. For pain relief, we use holistic Ayurveda and Panchakarma, which are completely natural and do not cause any side effects in the body.We help you preserve your joint structure and function. We also improve your ability to carry out your daily activities, as well as effectively relieve pain without painkillers. So Don't delay make a call to complete relief form any joint pain arthritis.

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  • Diabetes

    Ayurvedic Treatment for Diabetes in Rajouri Garden Delhi- Receive specialized treatment plans for diabetes and metabolic disorders to ensure optimal results. We provide customized diet plans, exercise counseling, integrative medicine and customized test counseling based on the needs of the patient. Our diabetes program includes regular screening, HbA1c, fasting monitoring, medication and timely intervention to prevent and reverse diabetes and its complications. Our remedies are natural and effective so are you ready to take control? If Yes ! Book an appointment now!

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  • Height/Weight

    Transform your body with Dr. Monga Clinic, the leading height gain and weight loss clinic in Rajouri Garden! Our holistic approach provides Ayurvedic treatments, exercise regimens, and customized diet counseling by certified dieticians and physicians. We help you to get good height, slim fit body with our proven treatment plan. If you are keen for increased height, balanced weight, healthy life, feel free to join us. Our skilled doctors provide personalized height and weight solutions in the heart of Rajouri Garden, so book your appointment now and get in touch with us.

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Comfortable Care

We prioritizes complete well-being,addressing not only medical needs but also emotional,personal comfort.


Our practitioners bring not only extensive medical knowledge but also dedicated to deliver the best possible care


We merges cutting-edge medical advancements with a personalized touch, ensuring each individual's unique health


Our commitment 7 Days Availability to ensure you receive dedicated attention whenever you need it.

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  • What is Ayurveda and how does it work?+

    Ayurveda is an ancient holistic healing system that focuses on balancing the body, mind, and spirit. It uses natural remedies, diet, lifestyle changes, and therapies to promote overall well-being and address health issues.

  • What conditions can be treated with Ayurveda?+

    Ayurveda can address a wide range of health concerns, including digestive disorders, skin issues, hormonal imbalances, stress-related problems, joint pains, and more. Our clinic specializes in providing Ayurvedic solutions for various ailments.

  • Are Ayurvedic treatments safe?+

    Yes, Ayurvedic treatments are generally safe as they use natural herbs, oils, and therapies. Our experienced Ayurvedic doctors customize treatments to suit individual needs, ensuring safety and effectiveness.

  • How is Ayurvedic treatment different from modern medicine?+

    Ayurveda focuses on treating the root cause of ailments rather than just alleviating symptoms. It emphasizes a personalized approach and utilizes natural substances to support the body's own healing mechanisms.

  • What can I expect during an Ayurvedic consultation? +

    During a consultation at our clinic, our Ayurvedic experts will assess your medical history, lifestyle, and current health condition. Based on this, they will provide treatments, diet, and lifestyle adjustments.

  • Do Ayurvedic treatments take a long time to show results?+

    The duration of Ayurvedic treatment can vary depending on the condition and individual factors. While some may experience immediate relief, chronic issues might take longer. Our goal is to provide sustainable and long-lasting results.

  • Can Ayurveda be integrated with other treatments?+

    Ayurveda can complement conventional medical treatments and is often used alongside them. However, it's essential to inform your Ayurvedic doctor about any ongoing treatments to ensure compatibility and avoid potential interactions.

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