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Physical growth? Abnormal weight loss? Sudden weight gain? All these affect your personality and your wellness too.

Stagnation (stoppage) in growth of a human body can happen due to many reasons ranging from biological to psychological. But if you pay attention to a slow rate of growth in your physique at early stage and take measures to counter the same, then chances are there that you may be able to remove the bottleneck.

Physical growth Human height grows until the age of 21 years. u00a0After that due to other hormonal changes, the body starts responding to other issues than the height. u00a0Although not claimed by us, but testimonials of our patients, between the age group of 10 and 25 years, testify that our treatments have been beneficial to their need of gaining few upward centimeters.

Since no two human bodies are same, the Ayurvedic or for that matter any other Physical growth treatment would affect differently in different people.

Our treatment basically include, simple indoor excercises, food log and some Ayurvedic supplements.