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Dr. Monga super-specialty clinic practices 100% ethical ways and is a leading Ayurvedic therapy provider serving the population of Delhi and the NCR region for more than 70 years (established 1950) now. The skin specialist doctor in Gurgaon helps you overcome the symptoms related to skin diseases in a very affordable manner, and without experiencing any side effects.

There are many different kinds of skin problems affecting mankind. Atopic dermatitis (eczema), dermatitis, urticaria, and angioedema are the common skin allergies and conditions. Allergies can also occur because of nickel and gold (among other minerals), medications like antibiotics (including commonly used neomycin sulfate), preservatives and many other compounds and substances that we come in contact with. Acne, pimples, blemishes etc are other problems associated with skin that may not be uncomfortable or pain-causing but spoils looks and lower your self-confidence. Rashes and swelling, along with frequent itching can make life miserable and unhappy, and you might fail to achieve your life goals.

What do we do

Dr. Monga skin treatment is based on Ayurveda. We use self-made herbal medicines of 4 different types, along with an in-house prepared oil to bring to you long-term improvements and total eradication of skin issues and problems. We use Ayurvedic pills, tablets, face packs and other medications to remove skin issues. Our Ayurvedic medicine and surgery degree holders, consultants and other health care Practitioners from the panel that studies your case and provides you the best therapeutic option. We combine ultra modern techniques, advanced diagnostic procedures and also use the richness of ancient Ayurveda text to bring to you relief from allergy, and other skin issues.

Why you should choose us

Dr. Monga specialty clinic is a trusted name in Delhi and the NCR region. We have successfully treated more than 6 lakhs patients towards skin disorders such as eczema, hair problems, GI tract related health conditions (including piles and constipation), stunted growth, obesity, diabetes and other acute and chronic conditions. Around 20 lakhs patients worldwide are in our consultation and contact and are exploring Ayurveda towards treating skin problems, allergies and other kinds of health conditions. We have immense expertise and our success is evident here in the form of thousands of testimonials that are posted by our loving and satisfied customers on our website and forums. We have female doctors for treating the patients of the fairer sex and use only in-house medicines that have been formulated by combining rare herbs and plants from across the world and take months and years towards their development.


Dr. Monga Ayurvedic treatment for skin problems is now provided at the world class and state-of-the-art Dr. Monga Super Specialty Clinic in the metro region of Gurgaon. You can call us now and book an appointment for skin examination, subsequent consultation, and treatment. Alternatively, you can also fill the inquiry form given on our website, and we will contact you shortly. Studded with modern amenities and features, our clinic is capable to provide you comprehensive, successful and bona fide Ayurveda treatment under one roof.

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