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Ayurvedic Treatment in Rohini, Delhi- Dr. Monga offers a holistic and gentle therapy that prioritizes natural, healthy, and safe methods. Experience personalized care to address every aspect of liver health and restore your vitality.

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Yes, Liver Cells can Regenerate!

Heal Your Liver

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  • New Research Based Treatment Modules for Liver Ailments
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Liver Cirrhosis Treatment

Liver Cirrhosis Cure Possible?

Liver Cirrhosis Treatment at Ayurveda is done under the guidelines of Global Healer Dr. Monga Clinic and his team of Senior Doctors who have created special module of researched based internal medicines, essential oils which support the healing process and Home Based Panchkarma therapies. Individualised Liver Cirrhosis Treatment under an experienced doctor has proven to be highly beneficial in not only restricting the growth of the liver disease but can also act as a supplementary treatment which supports improvement of Liver function. Cure for Liver Diseases is possible through Ayurveda only when diagnosed & timely treated by an Experienced & Senior Ayurveda expert.

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Liver Failure Treatment

Liver Damage Reversible?

Ayurveda can be used as a powerful complementary treatment in case of Liver diease like fatty liver, Hepetistis B and C, and Cirrhosis. Ayuredic treatment is effective if the liver problems diagnosed properly timely and if personalised treatment given under guidelines of Dr. Monga Clinic. Certain herbal decoctions have proven to not only give symptomatic relief but also improve quality of life of the Liver Patient. Although there are multiple reasons Like hepatitis, pregnancy induced liver damage, etc due to which Liver damage can happen but the lifestyle disorders have become the major reason for Liver Damage and subsequent Liver Failure. Dr. Monga has been successfully treating thousands of patients globally with his team and provides holistic natural treatment for the same.

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Safest Way to Heal

Liver Damage Naturally

  • 1 A Primary Call with a Coordinator which will answer most of your queries and registers your treatment request.
  • 2 Appointment booking with Best Liver Expert which is available both Online & Offline ( face to face consultation is recommended)
  • 3 Starting to recover using comprehensive treatment modalities which include medicine, oils, home Panchkarma plus Dietary & Lifestyle modifications.
  • 4 Staying in constant touch with your coordinator (& Doctor) and ultimately stopping treatment after getting well.

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