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Dr. Monga brings to you credible and bona fide Ayurvedic treatment for skin allergies and helps you live life without embarrassment, pain, discomfort, and trouble. The leading Ayurvedic treatment for skin allergies provider in Delhi and the NCR region can totally cure all kinds of skin allergies in not more than 15 days. If the allergies have been affecting you for the past few years, the treatment may take up to 4 to 6 months.

Skin allergies may occur because of a number of reasons. Many different kinds of substances, including metals such as Nickel and Gold, fragrance mixes and the preservatives that are found in substances we use daily can cause rashes and allergy. Allergies are evident in the form medical conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, urticaria, and angioedema, among others. Apart from rashes and redness, there can also be pimples, acne, pigmentation and other kinds of skin issues that would spoil your looks and also cause discomfort.

What do we do?

Dr. Monga specialty clinic uses only 100% ethical ways to relieve you from all kinds of skin allergies. Our in-house medicinal combinations (consist of 4 different types) and oils are made in house and we do not use any OTC (over the counter) product. We have different medicine packages for different allergic conditions. The rare herbs that are used in the manufacture of our medicinal formulations have been obtained from many different parts of the world and are efficient at solving the skin problems at their very core. We also use herbal ointments towards a comprehensive and long term solution for skin allergies and other chronic diseases. Our panel of health care experts consists of the Ayurvedic medicine degree holders and surgeons, consultants, and strategists who look into each case and aim to provide a more personalized treatment. The skin allergies doctor in Faridabad brings to you medicines in right dosage and form and treats the allergies in the least of time.

Why should you choose us?

Dr. Monga has been serving the population of Delhi and India for more than 70 years now. We have successfully treated more than 6 lakhs patients. More than 20 lakhs patients worldwide are in our contact and have been using our authentic Ayurveda medicines and therapeutic procedures towards treating a range of acute and chronic diseases such as skin allergies, hair problems, sexual problems and GI problems (including piles and constipation) among others.
The numbers will reveal to you our astounding success rate and extreme popularity. We combine the ancient herbs and modern techniques and have an exceptionally efficient delivery system. We offer you comprehensive treatment under one roof and eliminate uncomfortable traveling. Our state-of-the-art skin allergy specialty clinic is studded with most modern features and amenities and you will definitely appreciate it once you come to us.


We are located now quite close to you in Faridabad. Our skin allergies specialist doctor in Faridabad will bring to you best and proven Ayurveda treatment, procedures, and medicines, and now you do not have to travel long distances to get treated. You can call us now to book an appointment. Alternatively, you can also fill the online inquiry form, and we will reach to you shortly. Be rest assured as we offer you consultations and treatment in the least of price, and our affordability has made us even more popular.

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