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What is the need to increase height?

Apart from being a physical attribute, there are far greater implications of short height on the psyche of a person. An unusually short height can be a cause of low self-esteem and confidence in a child. The child is teased and bullied by his/her classmates for being short and thus does not want to go to school. They also tend to avoid social gatherings and may grow up as introverts.

What are the reasons for a short height?

Each child grows at a different pace but on average the growth rate is 2.5 cm/month during the first 6 months, 1.3 cm from 7 months to 1 year, and about 7.6 cm/year thereafter up to 10 years. During the puberty years, the height shows a rapid increase by up to 10 cm per year. After the puberty years, there is generally no significant increase in height.

The spurt of increase in height also depends upon gender. Girls experience it usually in the early teenage years, whereas in boys this rapid growth is seen during the late teenage years.

The height of an individual is genetically dependent to a great extent. It is influenced 60% to 80% by the heights of his/her parents. But there are some other factors too that affect the height of a child. Short height in a child may be due to nutritional deficiencies, lack of physical activity and exercises, or maybe due to some medical reasons like congenital issues, intrauterine growth retardation, deficiency of thyroid hormone, growth hormones, or certain disorders and syndromes like Turner syndrome, Cushing's syndrome, a bone disorder such as achondroplasia, etc. Chronic diseases of the kidney and bowels also hamper the growth of a child.

The pituitary gland (located near the brain) secretes the human growth hormone (HGH) that is responsible for the overall growth of an individual. It is especially essential for growth in children. The deficiency of this growth hormone is one of the leading causes of short stature. Certain genetic disorders, congenital defects, head trauma, radiation therapy to the brain due to brain tumor, etc. may damage the pituitary or thyroid gland resulting in less production of the growth hormone that causes short stature in children.

If the parents are concerned that their child is significantly shorter in height as compared to his/her peers, they should consult a “height specialist doctor” to know if their child has any medical cause that is resulting in short height and needs treatment.

What are the signs that suggest you should consult a height specialist doctor?

You should take your child to a height increase specialist doctor if you observe the following in your child:

  • Looks significantly younger as compared to other children of the same age.
  • Has delayed puberty.
  • Abnormal hair growth.
  • Fat body build.

How can height be increased in children?

Many a time there is no pathologic reason for short height in children and it is just due to nutritional deficiencies because many kids do not take a proper meal. The solution is simple that the child should be given a well-balanced diet to overcome malnourishment, which will naturally increase the height of the child.

Also, lack of physical exercise inhibits the growth of bones to their maximum potential and results in short height. Activities such as exercises have been shown to increase the levels of growth hormone naturally. Hanging from a rod and doing pull-ups and chin-ups have been used for ages to increase height in childhood as it straightens the spine and increases the height. Children should be encouraged to play some sport regularly and practice exercise and yoga asanas that especially help in increasing height.

If the issue of short stature is not resolved by the above-mentioned conservative measures, you need to visit a pediatric endocrinologist, who will do a thorough investigation of your child's case to ascertain the exact cause of short stature and recommend the best height increase treatment accordingly.

What are the treatment options for height increase?

At the initial visit to a height specialist doctor, he will do a detailed case study to diagnose the underlying cause of a child's short stature. He will take accurate measurements of the child and document them on a Growth chart that will assess how much the child's growth is lagging behind the normal standard values. The doctor will enquire about the medical history of the child, family history, height of parents, etc., and may recommend some blood tests and X-rays such as a Bone age X-ray which is an X-ray of the hand. Based on all these results, a diagnosis will be made and the best height increase treatment will be recommended and initiated accordingly.

  • Growth hormone treatment is a very promising treatment option and has shown positive results in increasing height in children. Studies have shown that it results in an increase of 3 to 7 cm in adult height attained by the child. The response varies according to the age of the child at which the treatment was started, his/her medical history, family history, etc. The earlier the treatment is started the better the results are.

The pediatric endocrinologist will determine the dose and frequency of hormone injections needed for your child. Generally, daily injections of synthetic growth hormone are given for several years till the end of puberty when growth plates fuse and height cannot be increased any further. You need to have regular follow-ups with the growth specialist doctor who will closely monitor the response of the treatment and adjust the dose accordingly.

  • Ayurveda: Growth hormone treatment may not be preferred by everyone because of the daily needle pricks, long treatment duration, and high cost of the treatment. Our Centuries-old Ayurveda is a treasure of many herbs that have been shown to help increase height. Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Guduchi are some of the herbs especially found to help increase the levels of growth hormone and thus increasing the height in kids naturally. Consult an expert Ayurvedic physician to know about the best treatment options on how to increase height by Ayurveda.

Where can I get the best height increase treatment in the Delhi-NCR region?

Dr. Monga Medi Clinic has an expert panel of doctors including endocrinologists as well as Ayurveda experts who will be able to guide you about the best treatment approach for your child to increase height. With the powerful amalgamation of the sciences of Allopathy as well as Ayurveda, you will get the best results with treatment at Dr. Monga Medi Clinic.

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