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Dr. Monga is the leading and authentic Ayurveda clinic that treats a range of hair problems, and other medical conditions through 100% ethical ways. We cure your chronic and lifestyle illnesses in as less as 15 days, and if the disease has made your life miserable for past many years, the treatment may span for up to 6 months. Dr. Monga Hair Specialist Doctor Faridabad helps you enjoy a happy and exuberant life once again, at most affordable cost.
While stress, sedentary lifestyle and junk food are predominant causes of hair fall or Alopecia, you may also lose your hair prematurely, or witness hair greying due to reasons such as auto-immune disorders, inflammation, and genetic composition. Bad habits like those of smoking and alcoholism, sleep deprivation, infections, child birth, pollution and other causes can also lead to loss of hair (Alopecia), hair weakening and hair fall.

What do we do?

Dr. Monga specialty clinic and hair doctor in Faridabad uses ancient Ayurveda methods and practices to cure hair loss and hair greying at its very core. Hair loss occurs due to Pitta Dosha and may be a result of both food and lifestyle habits, genetic predisposition and environmental conditions. The rare and effective herbs used by us find mention in the ancient scriptures as well and have been able to successfully treat millions and billions of people since ages towards various hair and scalp diseases. Our exclusive and in-house herbal composition contains Shika Kai, tulsi leaves, horsetail, linseed oil, bhringraj oil, rosemary essential oil and many other herbs. The herbs improve blood circulation to hair and scalp, promote faster hair growth, prevent pathogenic attacks, thicken hair and make them more voluminous and kill dandruff. Our formulation also prevents scalp itching, and preserve the natural colour of hair, among other benefits. The deep cleansing effect clears harmful substances and makes hair strong so that they resist breakage, fall and split ends easily.

Why should you choose us?

We do not use any OTC (over the counter) products and aim to offer a personalized treatment to our patients. Our rare herbal oil takes around 15 months towards its preparation and is made using the heat of the sun rays. Depending on the condition of the patient, we use super-action, normal or dandruff control oil and these potent mixtures and formulations may contain up to 30 rare and effective herbs, obtained from various parts of the globe.
Dr. Monga has successfully treated 6 lakhs patients and has been in consultation with more than 20 lakhs patients worldwide. Patients come to us to get treated for a range of lifestyle-related acute and chronic illnesses including those related to hair and skin, GI tract (piles and constipation), weight loss, diabetes and sexual problems among others. We employ a panel of Ayurvedic doctors and surgeons, consultants and strategists in order to offer you a comprehensive treatment. We use the advanced delivery systems and employ the latest therapeutic techniques, and our treatment takes input from both Ayurvedic and Allopathic medicinal systems, we also lay stress towards inculcating right lifestyle and dietary practices.


We are now very close to you, in Faridabad, and our advanced clinic has all the modern features to provide you a holistic, complete and successful Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss, Alopecia, and hair greying under one roof. Call us now to book an appointment, or alternatively, you can also fill in the online form given on our website, and we will contact you shortly.

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