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Dr. Monga specialty clinic in Greater Noida brings to you timely and effective treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) so that you can witness the energetic exuberance and happiness once again in your life. The Erectile Dysfunction doctor in Greater Noida brings to you time-tested medicines and restores your youthful libido, stamina, and vitality.

Sedentary lifestyle, stress, bad food habits, lack of physical exercise, hormonal problems and many other reasons cause a range of sexual diseases, including erectile dysfunction and loss of libido, medical conditions that engulf millions of men today. These diseases affect especially those who live in urban and metro areas. Men affected by erectile dysfunction fail to witness an erection, and even if they do experience arousal, the erection does not hold for long. The disease makes sexual and married life miserable and both the partners are deprived of any kind of sexual pleasure.

What do we do

We use authentic and proven Ayurvedic treatment procedures, medications and therapeutic ways to cure ED at its core so that the health condition never recurs again. Our rare and herbal medicines, including tonics, pills, and ointments restore your lost confidence and self-esteem and bring you out of the emotional turbulence. Apart from ED, the Erectile Dysfunction doctor in Greater Noida also uses Ayurveda for curing GI disorders (including piles, constipation etc.), obesity, diabetes and other medical conditions.

Why you should choose us

Dr. Monga specialty clinic came into existence more than 50 years ago and has been serving the population in Delhi and the NCR region with only ethical therapeutic ways and authentic Ayurvedic procedures. We assure you that ED will be successfully treated by us in not more than 15 days. The time required may be more if the problem has been affecting you for the past many years, but the treatment never lasts for more than 6 months. We do not use any OTC products. Dr. Monga specialty clinic only provides and prescribes quality, herbal and rare medicines that exert their influence at the physiological, nervous and metabolic level and can bring you relief in the least of time.

We have successfully treated more than 6 lakhs patients towards a range of life impairing diseases including erectile dysfunction. More than 20 lakhs people world over are being actively treated by us for a range of disorders related to nervous system, sexual potency, GI tract and others, and we use ancient drug therapy for overcoming the acute and chronic medical problems.


You can call us now or can contact via the inquiry form given on the website. The Ayurvedic treatment for Erectile Dysfunction is customized for you and we will reach to you shortly. We treat a range of sexual issues including ED, premature ejaculation, libido loss, a range of female biological issues, and other lifestyle related diseases. We combine the ancient Ayurveda practices with modern delivery measures and have a state-of-the-art facility quite close to you, in Greater Noida. We believe that our panel of experts, the Ayurvedic medicine degree holders and surgeons, strategists and consultants will deliver to you a personalized treatment and will relieve you of the embarrassing medical condition after deeply probing your individual case, and implementing the best therapeutic course of action.

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