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Dr. Monga Ayurvedic Medi Clinic a constipation specialty clinic uses reliable, safe and 100% Ayurvedic treatment therapeutic measures to treat constipation and helps you get rid of the embarrassing and discomforting diseases altogether. Dr. Monga Clinics constipation specialist doctor Greater Noida will help you overcome all the symptoms of the disease in the least of time.

Constipation is a medical condition that is characterized by infrequent and uncomfortable bowel movements. It can be cause of severe diseases including cancer, fistula, piles, fissures and even cancer. Allopathic measures can treat constipation, but only Ayurveda is known to treat the disease of its core and completely, so that it can never recur. Sedentary lifestyle, prolonged sitting, substance abuse (including those such as alcohol and tobacco), lack of sleep, and many other lifestyle-related and other causes are said to cause constipation. We cure the disease by using the safest Ayurveda practices, so that you can carry on with your normal life once again, happily.

You can get rid of constipation completely, in less than 15 days when you follow the advice of the Constipation specialist doctor greater Noida, are disciplined with the instructions, and take the medicines as per schedule. We use the rare herbal tonics, tablets and ointments that are devoid of any kind of harmful chemicals, and do not have any adverse effect. If you have been suffering from constipation from past many months or years, expect us to cure the disease completely in not more than 6 months.

What we do?

Our team of experience doctors (knowledgeable Ayurveda degree holders and surgeons), strategists and advisors use 100 % ethical ways and offer you a personalized and comprehensive treatment for a range of diseases, including constipation, piles, diabetes and others. The potent herbs help restore the health of the digestive tract and other GI parts, so that they can assume their natural and healthy composition once again.

Why you should choose us?

Dr. Monga specialty clinic is now a trusted name in Delhi and NCR and has been serving the population of the countrys capital for the past 50 years. We have solved the lifelong health despairs and sufferings of more than 6 lakhs patients. We are today known around the world, and around 20 lakhs patients worldwide are in our contacts who wish to gain permanent solution to multiple health issues through the Ayurvedic therapeutic ways and Practioners. Apart from providing Ayurvedic treatment for constipation, we have also helped millions get rid of diseases including obesity, piles, diabetes and others without any side effects.

Call us now if you experience frequent uneasiness while passing stools, burps, stomach bloating, appetite loss and a constant headache, among other symptoms related to constipation. You can also fill the online form, and we will reach to you shortly. Be rest assured as we offer the best of Ayurveda at the least of prices, and our affordability has helped us to be even more popular. Dr. Monga is now quite close to you, and our full-fledged specialty clinic in Greater Noida is loaded with world-class features to bring to you safest therapy, in the most comfortable way.

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