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Relationship Counselling


Is your relationship with your partner in trouble? Do you want to give it another chance, to be together again?

Relationships are never trouble free for any couple. They have to experience some issue or other in their relationship sooner or later.  Keep your togetherness alive!  Act in a mature way to deal with relationship turbulance.  A troubled relationship may only need an expert counseling.  Expert counseling session, like we do, can bring back happiness in life.  Do not fall pray to Quacks.  Lest you regret wasting time and money.

Relationships are never trouble free for any couple.  They have to experience some issue or other in their relationship sooner or later.  Those who can act in a mature way to deal with such issues succeed in keeping their togetherness alive, and those who cannot may have to go through emotional turbulence because of these issues.

When problems start occurring in a relationship, they not only affect the two people directly involved, but also affects other people related to them.  Our counsellors guide the couple, will motivate them and most importantly will support them at every step of their problem.  They provide you with useful tips and skills that you can make use of even without involving a third person throughout your life.

How do we help?

We take a scientific approach to diagnose the problems that a couple might be going through in their relationship.  Our relationship counselors tend to take a positive approach focusing upon the most suitable solution that can be advised to the aggrieved couple. Our counsellors advise come through different behavioural and cognitive behavioural, solution oriented and psycho-dynamic principles.  Our counsellors will take you through the following activities depending upon the nature of your relationship problem:

  • Handling conflict
  • Establishing common goals
  • Building trust
  • Implement behavioural tasks
  • Techniques for reducing anxiety
  • Regaining stability in relationship
  • Communication skills
  • Building intimacy skills
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