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piles ayurvedic treatment

Are you a critical sufferer of Piles? 

Well, we can understand the pain and agony you are suffering from.

There is quite a good population of people who all are suffering from this problem of piles which is having a scientific name called hemorrhoids.

What exactly is Piles?

It is a medical condition in which there is swelling in the veins which is located surrounding the rectum.

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Treatment for Piles in Faridabad

There are basically 2 types of piles. One is internal piles in which you will experience swelling in the passage of anal. You can feel it more than seeing it with naked eyes.  The second one is external piles. In this case the swelling is highly visible and the swelling develops surrounding the outer part of the anus. in case of Internal piles you can find discharge happening which is of dark coloured blood, while on other hand external piles is more painful than the previous one which can have negligible or no discharge of blood.

What exactly is the reason of having piles? People who suffer due to constipation give pressure on the extraction system for pushing out stools. So much pressure on the system leads to rupturing of veins which leads to bleeding piles. It can be with internal as well as external bleeding, and that depends on the position of rupture. If you are suffering from this problem them chances are there you feel shy to discuss the problem with your friends and families and that what makes the problem even more complicated.

If you are scared of going for operation for solving the problem then you can speak to the Piles specialist in Faridabad in this regard and they will examine the area before giving you the right treatment. Many don’t know that problems like piles can be treated without surgery and that too with Ayurveda treatment. Dr Monga’s Clinic Faridabad is playing a very responsible role towards treating piles patient. Dr. Monga is a strict follower of Ayurvedic science and for many years he is practicing the same and successfully treating the patients of piles. Dr Jyoti Monga, one of the reputed Ayurveda doctor treats the patients of piles with absolute care and attention. Being a Piles specialist doctor in Faridabad Dr. Jyoti has huge trust on Ayurveda science and takes no help of any allopathic medicine to treat the patients.

Reasons to visit Dr Monga’s Clinic to meet Piles specialist in Faridabad:

  • Every individual client visiting for Piles treatment will get special attention
  • No other mode of treatment other than Ayurveda will be used as it comes with no side effect
  • Painless and Non-surgical treatment of piles is offered with 100% guaranteed result
  • Charged fees are affordable

If you want to get treated by Dr Jyoti Monga in Dr Monga’s Clinic Faridabad, then you need to take appointment in advance as there are many patients who want to get treated by her. Call @ +91-8010931122 for appointment with Piles specialist doctor in Faridabad, Dr. Jyoti. Be rest assured you will be in safe hand when you choose her for your treatment.

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